As you could see from the previous post, we are starting down the rivers of the Midwest.

And the first of them was spectacular — the Chicago River running through the heart of the city.  Nearly as imposing as the East River because you are surrounded by towers on all sides.

I had often watched pleasure boats going through the river before I knew there was a Loop, and thought it would be a great trip. I don’t know what the resident Chicagoans think because they seemed oblivious to the river and it’s traffic.  Heads down, late for work at 9 on a Thursday morning.   We went through the Chicago lock with seven other Loopers, and it was nice to have some support on the radio watching for traffic.

John took all these great pictures since I was trying to enjoy the sights while terrified of fire boats, water taxis, low bridges and the approaching locks.

Out of Lake Michigan, heading into the River

View coming out of the lock — ZOWEE!

View north going into the river

View south heading into the river

The bridges are LOW and we went under more than 40 of them in 5-mile stretch

The river is lined with walkways, restaurants and fountains — but very few people

Still a classic — the Wrigley Building

Tribune Tower — I once had a meeting with Stan Cook in the castle-looking part at the top. His office was a dead ringer for Lord Crawley’s in Downton Abbey.

One of the better modern buildings

These guys were running around everywhere. Passengers wave,obviously being water people