The day after Shiloh we again borrowed one of the terrific (free) courtesy cars from Grand Harbor and went to Corinth, MS, to reprovision and make a critical visit to Game Stop.  There is a rare, old game that John wanted and in all our previous Game Stop visits, they had said, “The only copy left is in Corinth, Mississippi.”  At the top of Lake Michigan visiting Corninth seemed a pretty slim possibility, but The Loop takes you to a lot of  remote places you never thought you’d see.

Another highlight of our Grand Harbor visit was finally meeting up with the Cal 27 Louise and crew Jessie, Katie, Reggie the dog and Bird the cat.  These are two 22-year-olds that fixed up a derelict sailboat in North Haven, MI, figured out things like navigation and motor maintenance and are well on their way to Florida to refresh their cruising kitty.  Loopers help them whenever they can since we admire their pluck and determination.  And yes, Molly and Lauren, they are very cute.  Memsahib was able to help with an outboard problem, since we have the same engine and they didn’t have a manual.  With the help of the book and about 12 other Loopers, the fix was easy.  Their blog is terrific —

Then into beautiful Pickwick Lake for two days in Florence, a pretty river town with a very nice marina.  When the manager found out it was my birthday, she rolled out the red carpet with a tour of town and a ride to a very good Mexican restaurant.  I am now 62, and proud to be a REAL senior citizen, not the AARP/Dunkin’ Donuts kind.

Florence is home to the University of Northern Alabama, where they have a beautiful habitat for their mascots, two real lions.   The lions were in their cave, but we could hear them growling and moving.  Every game day the whole town turns out at the habitat and walk the lions down to the game.

Grand Harbor Marina, Counce, TN — a great stop


Pickwick Lake — hard to take a picture of something this big. Very hilly, almost mountainous right down to the shoreline.

A row of hills down the middle of Pickwick lake became these beautiful islands

Katie and Jessie polishing up Louise




Lion Habitat at UNA

As close as we got to a lion.