John is aboard after a breakneck rush to LGA  by Molly to avoid a wreck on the Whitestone Bridge, so time for pictures of the intrepid crew who got us to Cheboygan — a nice little town that I am anxious to leave for points south.  Fall is in the air in northern Michigan.The special island is Surveyors Island, owned by our friends Gordan and Linda MacKay.  We traveled with them for several stops along the Trent Severn and had a memorable gourmet dinner of Canadian food (buffalo, blueberries, elk sausage, ribs of various medium-sized animals and Wayne Gretzky red wine).  I am a wooden classic boat guy, but they have my favorite powerboat — a go-to-beat-hell Tiara.

They invited us to their  summer island, but we couldn’t get schedules to match.  So we just cruised by.  I marked it on the official map.  It looks like a tiny chip on the map, but is a substantial island about a half hour from Drummond Island in Memsahib time, 10 minutes in Tiara time.

Bosun Bjorn on strict Swedish Beer and Ice Cream diet

“Hangdog” Harris

Chief Steward Ray at his post

Gordon and Linda’s Island

House, Harbor and Tiara

Outpost of Empire — Drummond Island Customs Office