The arbiter of good taste in our set, Ray Gaulke, thinks the 57 fudge shops, daytrippers covered with oil and pizza/popcorn aroma overwhelm the natural beauty, history and refusal of the island to deal with the internal combusion engine.

But on the teeter-totter-of-taste I come down on the “You really ought to see it” side, so much so that I took John out to Mackinac for a second visit.  On a taste scale that includes the Jersey Shore, Las Vegas and Branson, MO, I think Mackinac ranks near the Versaille and Rodeo Drive of honky tonk.

We of course bought fudge, toured the very well-done fort and had an excellent dinner on the water at Maria’s Bistro, where John and has first meal of Great Lakes whitefish.  He is a convert, Ray.

On visit one, Ray and I did the round-the-island bike ride — 8 miles, flat, and of course, no cars or mopeds.  Fabulous views of the Mackinaw Straits. This could give exercise a good name.

Only downside to Mackinac Island is that the ferries run all day and half the night, and the boat rolls continuously even in the marina.

Fudge Street

Macinac Island version of a truck

View from the marina

John the tourist from the fort

The marina as seen from the fort

Fort Mackinac — well-preserved and presented

Cannon firing — I love this stuff!!

Carriage Hotel where Ray and I ate a great dinner — server’s family has lived on the island for 6 generations, but she lives in California now and was a little vague on island history

Natural arch on around-the-island bike ride

Grand Hotel — it costs $7 each to sit on the porch so we didn’t